Child 3D2N Stay (May-Sep ’24 Promo)

Child 3D2N Stay (May-Sep ’24 Promo)

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Pair this voucher with 3D2N Adult vouchers of any room type. 

Room types available: 

  • Private Hut (2 pax, queen-sized bed)
  • Longhouse Cabin (4 pax, single beds)
  • Communal Cabin (8 pax, double-decker beds) 

Package includes: 

  • Domestic transport
    - From Batam Centre or Sekupang to Blue Mountain Kelong, and back)
  • Buffet-style breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner
    - Traditional Indonesian cuisine, seafood, and a BBQ meal  included
  • Land and sea activities 


  • Upon voucher purchase, you will be contacted to arrange your stay.
  • This voucher is applicable for children 4-11 years old.
  • For children 3 years and below, refer to ‘Toddler voucher’.
  • This promotion is applicable only for stays within the months of May to September 2024.
  • Should the voucher not be consumed by September 2024, the amount paid will be retained at the same value to offset the booking price for stays from October 2024 up till 1 year from date of voucher purchase. Following which, the voucher will be considered void. 
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  • Explore an Island Paradise

    An island getaway for the whole family.

  • Quality Time Without Distractions

    Ditch the devices. Bond with those who matter most.

  • 100% of Proceeds Go Back to Locals

    All proceeds go back to the local community.

  • Built Purely With Sustainable Materials

    Built from the ground up with Javanese wood, with sustainability in mind.

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  • An Adventure for Your Tribe

    Make memories that will last a lifetime. Remember to get those Insta-worthy photos!

  • No phones? No problem!

    Disconnect to reconnect! True human connection is far more valuable.

  • Rest and Relax

    Do as little or as much as you want! Your holiday, your way!

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A Refreshing Getaway for You and Your Tribe

Purchase the voucher. Book the dates. Go!
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  • Child-Friendly Surroundings

  • Spaces to Explore

  • Activities to Engage In

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Entirely Built by Hand by Local Indonesians

Built from the ground-up by the locals, with Javanese wood from the island itself.
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Sustainably-Sourced Resources

Dine from the produce of our very own garden. Take a tour of our garden to understand and appreciate what goes onto your dinner plate!
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On the Edge of 50 Acres of Preserved Forestry

Be immersed in the natural beauty everywhere you look.
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  • How good is the connectivity on the kelong?

    BMK receives good connection to major telecommunication providers.

    Can I get data SIM cards in Batam?

    Data SIM cards are available at Batam Ferry Centre. There is a convenient shop located just outside the Arrival Gate.

    Are there meals available for those with special dietary requirements?

    Yes. Please inform us of your dietary details before your stay. For those with food allergies, arrangements can be made on an individual basis with our kitchen staff.

    Can we take the earliest or the latest ferry timings?

    We recommend you to book 0950h departure and 1600h arrival timings between Singapore and Batam Centre. If you would like to book a different timing, please speak to us so we can make domestic transport arrangements for you.

    I have a friend who wishes to arrive at a separate timing from the rest of my group. Is it possible to arrange separate domestic transport for him/her?

    Yes, please let us know your planned arrangements. A transport surcharge of $25 will apply per additional transport detail.

    Is there electricity at the kelong?

    Yes, the staff will turn on the generator from 7pm to 7am to reduce our carbon footprint.

  • How do I dispose of sanitary pads/diapers?

    There is a trash bin in every room. Do bring a plastic bag to line the bin.

    I see dogs on the Kelong and I am afraid of dogs.

    We understand that not everyone is keen on interacting with animals. Just inform our staff and they will keep the dogs in their quarters during your stay.

    Are the toilets well-equipped?

    Yes, our toilets are fitted with a cistern, a sink with a tap and a shower

    Is supper provided?

    Supper is not provided, but you can approach our staff to purchase instant noodles to satiate your hunger at night. Additionally, complimentary tea and coffee are available throughout the day.

    Do you have life vests on the Kelong?

    Yes, we have life vests for both adults and children.

    When do I have to book to be able to use this voucher?

    The voucher is valid for 12 months from your date of purchase.

  • Queen-Sized, Single or Double-Deck Beds

  • Dressing Table and Lounging Chairs

  • Fan

  • En-suite Bathroom

  • Private Balcony

  • 3-Pin Power Plugs

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  • Fishing

  • Stargazing

  • Trekking

  • Traditional Indonesian Massage

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Child 3D2N Stay (May-Sep ’24 Promo)

Child 3D2N Stay (May-Sep ’24 Promo)

Regular price $140.00
Regular price Sale price $140.00
Save $-140.00 Sold out
Tax included.

Voucher valid for 12 months from date of purchase

Best for: Groups 5-8 pax

Key specifications:
4 double deck bunk beds
En-suite bathroom
Balcony with sunset views
Breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner provided
Domestic transport included

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